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Make Your Own Buffalo Check Wood Heart- DIY Valentine's Decor

Posted by Katie Bench on


Make Your Own Buffalo Check Wood Heart-  A fun DIY Valentine's Decor that is Fun & Simple to make! Choose any pattern of Scrapbook Paper to apply to your heart... the possibilities are endless. 


Gather your Supplies:

  1. MDF Wood Heart from
  2. Buffalo Check Scrapbook Paper
  3. Pencil/Pen
  4. Scissors
  5. Wood Glue or Mod Podge
  6. SandPaper
  7. Sponge Brush

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Step 1:  Trace the wood heart on the back of your scrapbook paper.  




Step 2:  Cut out the tracing with the scissors.




Step 3:   Apply Mod Podge or Wood Glue on the MDF Wood Heart.  Brush the Glue or Mod Podge with the Sponge Brush so that it is a thin smooth layer.




Step 4:  Apply your paper to the wood.  Smooth out the paper to prevent any bubbles.




Step 5:  Lightly sand the edges of the heart with Sandpaper.  This will cut off the scrapbook paper right on the edge of the heart.  




Step 6:  Your Buffalo Check Heart is ready to display!  Perfect above a fireplace or on a tiered tray. 

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