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Make your own Wood Bunny- Perfect Easter Craft for All Ages!

Posted by Katie Bench on

Make Your Own Wood Bunny-  Easy DIY Easter Craft!


 DIY Wood Bunny- Perfect Easter Craft for All Ages!  Choose your favorite pastel or bright colors to paint your bunny.  Our wood bunnies come in 3 different sizes… 

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Things you will need:

~ MDF Wood bunny from

~ Acrylic Craft Paint (Like Apple Barrel, Ceramcoat, Americana, or DecoArt) -Found at any Craft Store

~ Sponge Brush

~ Paper Plate to put paint on

~ Paper Cup



Step 1:    Start by putting a small amount of paint on your paper plate.  I like to start by painting the edges of my wood cutout. I have found that a sponge brush works well.


 Step 2:    After the edges have been painted, I set my wood bunny on an upside down paper cup.  This makes it easier to paint the top, while the edges are drying.  Paint the top of your bunny. 




Step 3:   Wait a few minutes to let the sides and the top of your bunny dry. Once the sides and top are dry, I then paint the back of the bunny. At this point I also add another coat of paint to the front of the cutout, if needed. 

Because our wood cutouts are 3/4" thick, they can easily stand up on their own.  After painting the back and the 2nd coat on the front, I stand up the wood cutout so that both sides can dry. One thing I love about Acrylic Craft paint is the drying time... it dries super fast. 



Step 4:   Then you can put on the eyes and a nose.  I love to use the end of a small paint brush to make dots on my cutouts, which turn out to be the perfect size for eyes and a nose. Just use a small amount of black paint to dip the end of your brush in, then carefully "dot" your cutout. 


Step 5:    Then the final step...After all of my MDF Wood Cutouts are dry, I like to spray my pieces with a Clear Wood Finish Lacquer Spray to protect the painted finish.  You can find a spray at your local Hardware Store, Home Depot or Lowes.

So cute!! and Easy!!




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